Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Fidel's little brother

So Fidel's brother Raul wants to open a dialog with the U.S. While no less anti-capitalist than his brother, Raul has shown a more pragmatic side than Fidel when it comes to economic realities in the western hemisphere.

The real question is who in the U.S. will stand in the way of progress on trade and tourism issues with Cuba? My guess is the sugar lobby and the ethanol (corn) lobby. Sugar has enjoyed protection from economic reality for years and will do anything necessary to protect the American consumer from the evil red sugar. The ethanol guys have an even bigger horse in the race as the science behind ethanol favors sugar as a feedstock as it apparently converts to more ethanol per pound of input and it apparently does this with less energy inputs as well.

With this in mind I think we can count on a furthering of the embargo for the foreseeable future.

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